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  • Every one of us is installed with a mind: a system which allows us to make sense of the social realm and accordingly navigate our actions. What kind of a model would represent such a mental system? Moreover, what would those models imply about the nature of us, humans?

  • To find out, our lab conducts research on people’s social judgments regarding the self and others, as well as on self-regulatory behaviors. Each specific research project seeks to identify critical situational and individual-level determinants of social judgments/ behaviors, and to provide integrative explanations for the psychological processes underlying those relationships.

  • Furthermore, social judgments and behaviors are shaped by certain sets of values. Justice, virtue, fairness – people generally show strong respect toward these morally-charged values and are motivated to realize them. That is, people possess a fundamental inclination to be a Moral Agent. Based on such premise, our research aims to model the mind of an individual as a Moral Agent. We do so through the lens of social psychology, and in a joint endeavor with adjacent disciplines (e.g., philosophy, cognitive sciences), in a unified pursuit of the same ultimate goal-exploring what it is to be a human being. 

​Latest News


          We make a presentation at the 33rd International Congress of Psychology (July. 21-26).


          A new paper by Karasawa et al. has been published by Noûs ("A puzzle about knowledge ascriptions").


          A new paper by Numata et al. has been published by  Frontiers of Computer Science ("Young and old persons' subjective 

          feelings when facing with a non-human computer-graphics-based agent's emotional responses in consideration of differences in

          emotion perception..").


We make a presentation at The Japanese Group Dynamics Association 2023 Annual Convention (Sep. 23-24).


We make a presentation at The Japanese Psychology Association 2023 Annual Convention (Sep. 14-15).


We make a presentation at The Japanese Society of Social Psychology 2023 Annual Convention (Sep. 7-8).


A new paper by Shimizu et al. has been published by  Acta Psychologica ("Reducing negative attitudes toward older adults and increasing advocacy for policies to support older adults: Bayesian analysis approach.")..

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